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Streets built with concrete are built to last, consider concrete for your next project

Concrete...Its not just for sidewalks

What picture comes to into your mind when you think of a sidewalk? What picture comes to your mind when you think of a street? They are probably as different as white and black. Perhaps its time to change that mindset.

As the motoring public we should all be interested in getting the most return for our tax dollar when it comes to construction projects like streets and roads. That means using materials that are strong and durable, that means using concrete.

This website (and this page in particular) contains information that allows the person responsible for constructing, preserving, or repairing streets and roads to make informed decisions.

Concrete can play a key role in transforming cities and towns into beautiful, exciting, thriving areas that support the environment, as well as benefiting residents, businesses, and the community. Concrete’s natural reflectance brightens roadways, parking areas, and sidewalks. It looks cleaner and stays clean-looking longer than any other construction materials.

Decorative and colored concrete pavements are breathing new life into urban areas, increasing civic pride. Red-colored, stamped concrete is used to simulate brick in crosswalks or otherwise to create decorative patterns, which enhance the appearance of the cityscape.

Concrete, It Just Makes Cents!

Streets & Local Roads Documents

Streets & Local Roads Case Studies

IMG 20161012 1021

Township’s Use Of RCC Saves Taxpayer Dollars, Prevents Lengthy Road Closures


  • Township needed a long-lasting solution to improve deteriorated roadway
  • The 200-cubic-yard roadway was completed and opened to traffic in 24 hours
  • RCC delivered taxpayer cost-savings of 65%
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Prep Buchart Horn

PennDOT Approves RCC for Peanut Drive (Conewago Twp. PA) Project


  • Project incorporated PennDOT RCC specifications.
  • First municipal RCC project in Pennsylvania to receive Liquid Fuels funding.
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Sycamore Street Project Incorporates Roller Compacted Concrete


  • First RCC street project placed in Pennsylvania.
  • RCC proved to be the most cost effective alternative.
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Catasagua Concrete Street

Catasauqua Borough Chooses Concrete Solution for Street Project


  • Concrete was the answer for the severe rutting that the street was experiencing.
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