Conventional Concrete

What's not to like about concrete?

Its lighter, brighter, and more durable than the alternative.

Concrete parking areas provide owners with a wide variety of benefits. Isn't it time that you took advantage of them?

  • Reduced lighting costs - With three times the reflectivity of asphalt, concrete parking requires less lighting, reducing costs by up to 30%.
  • Durability - No other paving material approaches concrete’s strength and durability in standing up to heavy usage and truck traffic.
  • Competitive costs - Designed and constructed properly, concrete pavement can be competitive with asphalt.
  • Value over time - Based on life cycle costing, a concrete parking lot provides owners with better value.
  • Environmentally friendly - Concrete is produced from abundant natural resources, reduces toxic run-off and can be easily recycled. It is also cooler in the summer which provides outdoor comfort while reducing the “heat island” effect.
  • Versatility - Concrete can be colored, stamped, and shaped adding beauty to the project.
  • Curb appeal - Concrete’s clean look creates a good first impression and lasting sense of quality for customers, tenants and employees.

Conventional Concrete Parking Lot Documents

Concrete Parking Lot Case Studies

20171020 132511

AgSalt Processing Recognizes Value of Concrete Strength and Durability


  • Heavy Pavement Loadings Demand Tough Pavement
  • Lighter colored concrete pavement is more reflective and requires fewer lights
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