Pervious Concrete

Control your stormwater run-off issues

Pervious concrete is a no-fines concrete mix which is intended for use as an open-graded drainage material. The elimination of fine aggregate creates a fairly large void structure between the coarse aggregate particles, resulting in a concrete mix that is permeable to water. A typical pervious concrete mix will have a void content of 15 to 35 percent. The compressive strength for pervious concrete can range anywhere from 500 to 3000 psi.

Pervious concrete can be used for light-duty pavement in situations where it is desirable to have stormwater percolate through the pavement into the permeable base. It is particularly useful in areas where state or local regulations require that stormwater be retained on site to recharge the groundwater system.

Pervious Concrete Pavement Detail Drawings

Pervious Concrete Documents

Pervious Concrete Case Studies


Parker Hill Church: A Pervious Concrete Win


  • Pervious concrete allowed the addition to be built, while maintaining impervious cover limits.
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Fulton Bank Pervious Concrete Parking Area


  • Pervious concrete was selected because it offered a life-cycle cost advantage over asphalt.
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Pervious Picnic Area 005

Lebanon County Conservation District Chooses Colored Pervious Concrete


  • Unique pattern and color make this pervious concrete pad stand out.
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Liberty Property Trust - Lewisberry


  • The project featured tilt-up concrete construction as well as pervious and roller compacted concrete pavements.
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The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County Selects Pervious Concrete


  • The environmentally sensitive area required a pavement solution that fit its natural surroundings
  • Pervious concrete will allow potential stormwater runoff to now percolate through the pavement and into the ground
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