Concrete Overlays

Restore old, cracked concrete with a complete face-lift

Resurfacing Concrete

A deteriorated asphalt parking lot or street that is full of potholes looks bad, represents a safety hazard, could causes damages to vehicles that use it. It can be "repaired" by filling in those potholes but how long will the repair last? Doesn't it make sense to consider a more permanent repair? Why not consider a concrete overlay?

You can transform that damaged pavement into a useful by topping it with concrete. Depending on the application, standard overlays are 4-6 inches thick. One of the advantages of overlays are their simplicity: surface preparation is minimal, and existing concrete paving equipment can be used for placement

A properly-designed concrete overlay will provide many years of low-maintenance service. Unfamiliar with designing concrete pavements? Let us help you with our Design Assistance Program.

In addition, the owner that selects to construct a concrete overlay gets rewarded with the other attributes that make concrete the sustainable choice. Want to add some "flare" to the project? No problem, concrete overlays can be stamped and colored.

Concrete Overlays Detail Documents