Roller Compacted Concrete

A tough pavement, for tough environments

Does your project require a tough pavement, capable of withstanding repeated heavy loadings?

Would you like to get out of that asphalt pavement repair "rut"?

Roller Compacted Concrete pavement is the answer.

Roller Compacted Concrete Documents

Roller Compacted Concrete Case Studies

Meshoppen RCC 2

RCC Meets Meshoppen Stone’s Pavement Needs


  • With as many as 250 trucks per day using the facility, a durable pavement was a priority
  • A quick project turnaround allowed the company to minimize any downtime at the facility
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Roller Compacted Concrete Continues to Meet Customer Needs


  • Heavy truck traffic required strong, durable paving solution
  • Company’s successful history sing Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) drove decision to utilize RCC for the project
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20190925 112329

GDS Chooses RCC for New Maintenance Facility


  • Truck traffic at the facility would require a durable pavement, and long service life.
  • The owner was seeking value for their money.
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IMG 0084

Pennsylvania’s First Virtual Pipeline Needs Durable Terminal


  • Pennsylvania’s first virtual pipeline needed a durable terminal
  • Newly paved 29,000 square feet will withstand heavy truck traffic
  • RCC contributed to quick construction timeline
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IMG 20161012 1021

Township’s Use Of RCC Saves Taxpayer Dollars, Prevents Lengthy Road Closures


  • Township needed a long-lasting solution to improve deteriorated roadway
  • The 200-cubic-yard roadway was completed and opened to traffic in 24 hours
  • RCC delivered taxpayer cost-savings of 65%
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Prep Buchart Horn

PennDOT Approves RCC for Peanut Drive (Conewago Twp. PA) Project


  • Project incorporated PennDOT RCC specifications.
  • First municipal RCC project in Pennsylvania to receive Liquid Fuels funding.
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2012 10 17 122430 w1000 h1000

Norfolk Southern Selects Roller Compacted Concrete


  • RCC selected to meet the demanding pavement needs for this inter-modal facility.
  • Fast-tracked projects sees 35,000 cubic yards of concrete placed in 22 days.
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20161025 105315

Growing Business Builds Winter-ready Lot


  • Growing manufacturing business turned to RCC for increased efficiency
  • RCC with spray asphalt seal helps melt ice and snow to alleviate winter weather maintenance
  • RCC upgrades 19,000-square-foot gravel lot to provide durability under heavy truck traffic
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IMG 9690

Roller Compacted Concrete Answers Baker Hughes’ Needs


  • RCC placement met pavement load requirements and need for quick construction turn-around.
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2013 09 06 06 34 27 w1200 h1200

Conewago Constructs Worlds Fifth Largest Tilt-up Concrete Building


  • 1.7 million square foot tilt-up project also incorporated 45,000 cubic yards of RCC.
  • Challenging soil conditions met through cement stabilization.
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2012 06 21 093637 w1000 h1000

Sycamore Street Project Incorporates Roller Compacted Concrete


  • First RCC street project placed in Pennsylvania.
  • RCC proved to be the most cost effective alternative.
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DSCN1322 w1000 h1000

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Provides the Best and Most Cost-Effective Solution for PPL


  • RCC proved to be a substantial savings to PPL.
  • The project also featured full-depth reclamation for the base.
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Liberty Property Trust - Lewisberry


  • The project featured tilt-up concrete construction as well as pervious and roller compacted concrete pavements.
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