Roller Compacted Concrete

Get more mileage from every dollar in your paving budget

Are you hoping to address a street or local road issue?

If so, you should consider Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC). PennDOT has recently added Roller Compacted Concrete to its Publication 408 so municipalities have it as an option that will receive "Liquid Fuels" funding.

Roller Compacted Concrete Documents

Roller Compacted Concrete Case Studies

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Township’s Use Of RCC Saves Taxpayer Dollars, Prevents Lengthy Road Closures


  • Township needed a long-lasting solution to improve deteriorated roadway
  • The 200-cubic-yard roadway was completed and opened to traffic in 24 hours
  • RCC delivered taxpayer cost-savings of 65%
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Prep Buchart Horn

PennDOT Approves RCC for Peanut Drive (Conewago Twp. PA) Project


  • Project incorporated PennDOT RCC specifications.
  • First municipal RCC project in Pennsylvania to receive Liquid Fuels funding.
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Sycamore Street Project Incorporates Roller Compacted Concrete


  • First RCC street project placed in Pennsylvania.
  • RCC proved to be the most cost effective alternative.
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