Pennsylvania’s First Virtual Pipeline Needs Durable Terminal


  • Pennsylvania’s first virtual pipeline needed a durable terminal
  • Newly paved 29,000 square feet will withstand heavy truck traffic
  • RCC contributed to quick construction timeline
  • Concrete Producer Centre Concrete
  • Placement Conctractor Glen O. Hawbaker Inc.
  • Location: Mechanicsburg, PA

The Situation

Over the past decade, Pennsylvania has experienced a boom in natural gas drilling. The demand for this clean energy source has created both opportunities and challenges for companies like Compass Natural Gas.

As Pennsylvania’s first virtual pipeline, Compass Natural Gas helps connect the state’s natural gas with consumers. Now, companies without physical pipeline service can enjoy the benefits of the commonwealth’s natural gas. To keep up with demand, Compass needed to build a state of the art terminal to streamline the transfer of its compressed gas into its fleet of trucks. Above all, the facility needed to be highly-durable and capable of withstanding constant, heavy truck traffic.

“We have a lot of heavy trucks. RCC provides us with more durability and minimizes maintenance.”
~ Yves E. Pollart Executive Vice President, Operations Compass Natural Gas

The Solution

Starting with an empty 6.4 acre tract of land in Montourville, Compass knew that it had the opportunity to build a terminal that would last for many years. Careful consideration of cost, timeline, economic factors and quality led Compass to choose Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) for Quaker Terminal’s exposed surface.

RCC contributed to a fast-moving construction timeline, getting trucks to customers faster. The 8-inch thick 29,000 square feet exposed surface was completed in less than a week and drivable in only 24 hours following completion.

RCC provided Compass with a solution that allows its business to function with virtually no disruption. Compass knows that RCC will perform with high durability under the weight of its trucks. Compared to alternative surfaces, RCC will require minimal maintenance, helping Compass provide its customers with uninterrupted service for years to come.

As a Pennsylvania company, Compass places a high importance on supporting the commonwealth’s economy. Each step of the RCC construction process began and ended in the state. The contractor was a Pennsylvania company and used RCC that was sourced from within the state.

Compass plans to use RCC for future terminals as it continues to expand its virtual pipeline service across the state.

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