Growing Business Builds Winter-ready Lot


  • Growing manufacturing business turned to RCC for increased efficiency
  • RCC with spray asphalt seal helps melt ice and snow to alleviate winter weather maintenance
  • RCC upgrades 19,000-square-foot gravel lot to provide durability under heavy truck traffic
  • Concrete Producer Masters Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Concrete Placement Wayne Companies
  • Location: Montrose, PA

The Situation

Diaz Manufacturing is a locally owned and operated wood products manufacturer located in Montrose, PA. The company specializes in kitchen and bath cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and produces solid wood counter tops, mouldings and millwork. Diaz has a 19,000-square-foot back parking lot to accommodate its raw material receivables as well as the heavy trucks that transport its finished goods. Despite the harsh winter weather that comes to Montrose each year, Diaz receives and makes shipments year-round.

The lot was gravel, but with a growing business, Diaz needed a solution to keep up with its increased traffic and alleviate downtime through winter weather.

“RCC is ideal in an application with heavy truck traffic. It goes down like flexible pavement but has the strength and durability of a rigid pavement.”
~ Bob Housel, President Masters RMC, Inc

The Solution

The entire project was completed in only 2 days. In fact, the most time-consuming piece of the project had nothing to do with the RCC. Due to multiple expansions of the lot, there were several grade changes that needed to be leveled before a surface could be laid. Outside of this work, the RCC was placed and ready to drive on in less than 24 hours.{image_2}

After laying 6 inches of RCC over the gravel, Diaz opted to add a layer of spray asphalt sealer on top. Although the RCC would prove durable on its own, the added spray coat serves a very specialized purpose in the local climate. The darker top will absorb sunlight in the winter to help melt ice and snow.

“RCC is economical, strong and low-maintenance,” said Wayne Stephen, Wayne Companies. “It works well for anyone who has heavy truck traffic. Just about everyone who we’ve done an RCC project for asks us back to do another RCC project.”

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