Urban Outfitters Distribution Center Counts on Concrete


  • Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association 2014 Commercial Project of the Year - Buildings
  • 1,000,000 sft. tilt-up concrete project.
  • Required 40,000 cubic yards of concrete.
  • Concrete Producer Delaware Valley Concrete
  • Placement Contractor Stief Concrete
  • Placement Contractor Lorne G. Seifert
  • Location: Gap, PA

The Situation

Winner of the Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association 2014 Commercial Project of the Year, this 1 million square foot facility was consists of tilt-up walls and required over 40,000 cubic yards of concrete and incorporated 7 different mix designs for the following applications:

  • 4000# mix (main floor, utilized 467 stone)
  • 4000# mix (tilt up wall mix)
  • 4000# mix (curb mix)
  • 4000# mix (sidewalks/retaining walls)
  • 3500# mix (casting slabs)
  • 3000# mix (footers)
  • Flowable fill

The Solution

The perimeter casting slabs were laid down first, with the wall contractor following shorty behind. The General Contractor was hesitant to allow one supplier to ship to both concrete sub-contractors, fearing an inability to keep up with demand, however, DVC utilized its Gap, Kennett Square and Pomeroy plants to properly and effectively supply the job. Management had to ensure that enough stone, sand and cement were on hand to accommodate the sub-contractors continuous demands. Quality control was provided at all the concrete plants and on the job site to satisfy the contractors need to achieve high F values. Sales was present to help coordinate traffic patterns.

Lorne Seifert chose to use a 4000 psi 467 concrete mix for the slab and facilitated its placement with a laser screed. Typical slab placement would begin at midnight and the average pour size was 1000 yards. The wall slabs would often overlap slab placements, which resulted in DVC often supplying both concrete subs simultaneously.

This project involved the efforts of every department, including dispatch to ensure the proper scheduling of drivers and drivers and mechanics changing the lift schedules to work at night. It was a group effort and staff often worked nights into days. Proudly, DVC supplied this demanding project ahead of schedule while continuing to meet the needs of their daily customers.

Concrete, It Just Makes Cents!

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