Looking for Concrete Certification Programs? Contact PACA!

Posted on December 07, 2021

Looking for Concrete Certification Programs? Contact PACA!

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“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” While successful businessman Warren Buffet has no known experience working with concrete, his words of wisdom prove to be true, as increasing your personal value is important to your career, no matter the industry. As a member of the concrete industry, becoming certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) will provide you with a multitude of long- and short-term benefits. With the assistance of the Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association (PACA), obtaining these certifications is extremely easy and rewarding.

With a certification in your specialized area of work, your value increases to employers and clients. This asset also increases your desirability to your boss when selecting employees to work on a job. Opportunities for raises and promotions also come along with this experience. Another benefit of a certification is the opportunity to learn more about the specifics of your work. The next time you’re questioned for a decision you make on the job, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to thoroughly back up your actions, proving yourself to your colleagues and bosses.

Deciding you want to become ACI-certified is the first step, but how does one go about registering for the courses and exams? By simply visiting the PACA website, you have access to a one-stop-shop, where you can register for a variety of certifications.

When you decide you want to complete an ACI certification program, there are four simple steps to follow: find a program, find a testing location, prepare for the exam, and complete the exam. On our website is an extensive list of the certification courses we offer. Upcoming locations and dates for each course are also listed. Courses available to complete through PACA include, but are not limited to: ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I; ACI Adhesive Anchor Certification Exam; NFMCA Exterior Flatwork Finisher Certification; and ACI Flatwork Finishing Certification Exam. View the full list of course offerings on our website at Certification Exams/paca.org.

As if these reasons weren’t enough motivation to become ACI certified, PennDOT is also beginning to mandate certification for contractors placing concrete flatwork on projects as well as those installing and inspecting concrete anchors. These new requirements mean that certification courses are going to be in much higher demand. Signing up now for a certification through PACA is quick and easy, and will put you ahead of the curve when other companies are making a mad dash to certify their employees.

PACA is proud to operate these programs to elevate the standards of our local industry. We are the leading voice for the crushed stone, ready-mixed concrete, sand and gravel, and cement industries’ community, and we want to set high standards for concrete work in Pennsylvania.

To stay up to date with new exams added to our schedule, registration open dates for exams and other information, sign up for updates through our website. Direct any questions regarding certifications to Ken Crank, director of Concrete Promotion and Certification, and questions regarding course registration to Kallie Kline, director of Member Services.