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Concrete Pavement Analyst

NRMCA’s Concrete Pavement Analyst (CPA) is a powerful parking area design and costing software program that quickly and accurately quantifies the differences between concrete and asphalt pavements. Using American Concrete Institute and Asphalt Institute recommendations, CPA compares total ownership costs, giving you the information you need to make sound pavement selection decisions.

Along with the a description of the software and its capabilities, this page provides a document that explains Structural Number (S/N).  The structural number represents the overall structural requirement needed to sustain the design's traffic loadings. The greater the structural number, the greater the capacity to carry the traffic. The document is available for download.

We also encourage you to take advantage of our free Concrete vs. Asphalt Analysis service. The form below will allow you to enter pavement information. That data will be collected and we will perform an analysis utilizing the CPA software. A copy of that analysis with design comparison data will be provided to you within 5 days. Check it out!